Will Dubai Get a Chance to Hosting Expo 2020 or not? This is the very common question being asked on the streets, offices and homes in the UAE. Almost everyone is interested in knowing the result and praying that Dubai`s bid for Expo 2020 ends up being successful, as that is guaranteed to lift the economic condition of the whole UAE even further.

Newspapers, Magazines, Television, News Reports, Expo 2020 advertisements are almost everywhere. During the past few weeks, we have seen a significant increase in the advertisements being shown on billboards on the roadsides of Dubai very aggressively.

No doubt, the past 2 years have been tremendous for UAE in regards to economic development and the era of economic crisis in UAE seems to have passed away. And in case, the EXPO 2020 bid of Dubai wins the race, we are definitely going to see a much brighter time.


The speculations have been quite clear as the business community of UAE is taking keen interest in taking part in the Dubai Expo 2020. The prices of accommodations have increased up to 15-20% during the last 12 months, and a significant increase can be easily seen in the stock market. According to some reports, the stock market has grown almost 79% in this 1 year.

Holding World`s biggest fair would definitely be considered as the defining period in the history of UAE. This will not only make Dubai the major business hub of the gulf region, but it will continue to emerge as the global center of trading and tourism.

The Dubai government has already done a fantastic job in building the world class infrastructure, mouth watering buildings, and lavish hotels to attract tourism and foreign investors, but they know, this Expo 2020 can further escalate them to the very top of the world. Dubai already has an excellent state of the art infrastructure that makes it very capable of hosting this greatest event and stage a spectacular show for the world to witness.

GulfBusiness.com, one of the primary website related to business and finance of Gulf Region, held a poll at their website and asked their huge reader base about whether they think Dubai will (should) be given a chance or not?, and not surprisingly above 90% of the people replied with YES.