When there is a will, there is a way!! Couple of decades back, someone had a dream- A dream to Revamp the whole Banking sector, A dream to introduce such financial procedures which do not pose as dragons to the simple Public- A dream to invite cream of the Globe not only to make money but to welfare the society as well. Yes someone has a dream to not only incorporate Convectional Banking but to promote pure, simple and success guaranteed principals of Islam. And at last, the dream not remained a dream, rather it changed into a beautiful Reality- This Reality today we call as Al-Hilal Bank.

Al-Hilal Bank- Corporate Profile

As suggested by the name, it only provides quality based products and services. The bank was established by one of the strongest investment body of Abu Dhabi Government, named as The Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC) in 2008 with a total Capital of AED 4 Billion including 1 Billion as paid up Capital. The bank soon geared up its processes and became the first fully Government owned Islamic bank based in Abu Dhabi.

Financial Highlights

Soon after its incorporation, the bank started showing its glimpses of successes by disclosing a net Profit of AED 343 Million and a Total Revenue of AED 1.8 Billion. The bank does not only satisfies its customers but has opened employment opportunities for more than 800 staff members all over the UAE who are indulged in providing best services  in the Islamic Personal, Corporate, Treasury, Investment, and Wholesale banking domains to almost 80,000 customers. This means 1 employee is subjected to satisfy around 800 customers, quite a tough number still the bank is labelled among the top service providing Financial Institutions in UAE.

Smooth services

Let’s come to the core services provided by the bank. The bank is not only the leader in the conventional world by offering Current account, Saving account, Personal Loans, Insurance policies and Wealth Management but also takes the lead when it comes to Shariah related banking including Takaful, Interest-free banking, Investment banking and Islamic Compliance. One of the reasons behind this continuous success is the Management Team and talented heads. And more important is the person who leads this team. Muhammad Jamil Berro is the secret behind the success of al-Hilal, he serves as the CEO of the Bank.

Operations of the Bank

Al-Hilal has not only limited itself as a traditional bank, rather it adopted every bit of technology and exhibited it in its culture, ranging from Mobile Banking to the wide network of ATMs, currently it holds a vast grid of 22 branches and over all 120 ATMs that operated nationwide. The bank also indulges in different financial markets with the presence as the Al Hilal GCC Equity Fund, Global Sukuk Fund, and owns the ‘Mall Branch,’ the world’s largest banking branch.

Last food of Thought

Together with a clear vision, supported networks, motivated employees and satisfied customers, it is indeed very clear that al-Hilal is prospering by leaps and bounds and the day is not so fat when it will be recognized regionally as a Giant Player.